In India, over 7 Million Artisans engage in Artform and Handworked based trades making it the 2nd largest contributor to the Economy from Rural sector after agriculture. However, for a majority of them, year round access to direct markets & households remain a challenge, and they go on participating in fairs across India for their livelihood. 
The idea of BarkatBazaar came from this Challenge, with a mission to create the feel of 'Haats' & Fairs for the Artisan communities.
BarkatBazaar is a platform for the 1000's of unique artforms of India, showcasing their beauty via home decor, home linen, fashion and accessories. We feel proud to have brought onborad Artforms from 10 states, across various categories and served to customers from over a 100 cities so far. 
 Our Vision is to bring the entire Artisan community of India to our platform and offering their unique creations to customers in India and abroad.
As a brand BarkatBazaar tells the story of the master artisans across the geography of India. Their designs represents arts across time, from traditional and ethnic to modern and abstract. They draw inspiration from every walk of life from village life to roadside hawkers. BarkatBazaar seeks to curate the essence of culture in India, and transcribe this vast and colourful diversity into everyday lifestyle.
We are a Startup India recognized company, and are privileged to be supported by the Atal Incubation Centre - ISB Mohali in our journey.